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“Your alternative solution”

Trade Embalmers Sydney Based –

Servicing all Regions of New South Wales, Including Border NSW Regions

About Us

Australian owned and independent business, providing qualified and skilled embalmers. 

We pride ourselves to providing professional and reliable services to the funeral industry, pricing competitiveness, mortuary and embalming services to funeral homes throughout Sydney, and country regions of New South Wales.

Mortuary Assist has been designed to offer your company an alternative in a time of unforeseen circumstances, for example: – your regular mortuary assistant or embalmer unexpectedly becomes ill, or has made arrangements with your company to take their annual leave, or just simply, your regular trade embalmer is away for whatever reason and is unable to provide his or her services to your company.

This is where Mortuary Assist comes into it, no need to worry or stress, our qualified embalmer/s have you covered – 24/7. 

Our embalmers are members of A.I.E. - B.I.E. - NZEA.

“We are committed to provide professional care & service”

Our Core Values

Our main mission is to provide an alternative backup solution when the need arises and you are faced with a situation that requires urgent and a prompt resolution, for you and your family client.

We are not here to replace your regular team in any way or form. On the contrary, we are your support team and are available to assist you during normal business hours as well as nights, weekends, and holidays, when the need arises.

We look forward to meeting your needs and exceeding the expectations of your company/business and the families you serve.


Infection is a Pathological Process which involves damaging the body tissues by micro-organisms or by toxic substances produced by these organisms. 

Pathogenic micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi may cause infectious diseases.  To put it simply, infectious disease results from the presence and activity of microbial agents, which can potentially be transmitted to others.

Transmission of infectious agents may occur by various routes of exposure.

Examples are:

  • Inhalation – Where airborne aerosols or droplets contaminated with micro-organisms are breathed in.
  • Direct contact of micro-organisms with dry skin or eyes.
  • Percutaneous – This is when organisms penetrate through intact skin, for example, by a needle stick injury.
  • Ingestion – Where micro-organisms are consumed in food or drink, usually as a result of poor hygiene.


Embalming can be undertaken to help preserve the body and prevent the spread of infection both before and after the burial, or before a cremation. In order to do this, embalming fluids used must be effective disinfectants against virulent organisms.  Our embalmers are qualified to determine the criteria or work required and the fluids needed. 

Our embalmers strictly adhere at all times to Infectious Disease Protocols.  Their safety and that of others is of paramount importance.

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