Mortuary Assist

Consulting Services

Mortuary Assist can provide consulting services to your company or business


All training can be supplied with Professional Development and to assist your staff, for example with general mortuary procedures, understanding their obligations under WHS and Risk Management Plan, etc.


This is an assessment of your mortuary by our qualified embalmer/s which is designed for assessment & recommendations for improvements.

Complete Mortuary Design

Let us take your existing space and update to the latest mortuary design


Chemical Products and practical instructions to assist your staff with various options available or to introduce them to new chemical products and techniques

Student Embalmer Mentoring

We can assist your in-house Mortuary Assistant to train as an embalmer. There are Terms and Conditions that apply to this service. (SIF40213) Course Administrator and provider will be MFE.

Mortuary & Funeral Educators

Policies & Procedures

Development and Implementation of WHS – RMP – Deal with grief responses – Implement and Monitor infection and contamination control procedures, etc.

Risk Management Plan

Are you aware of the main occupational health and safety risks in funeral homes and cemeteries?

Staff sustaining falls, cuts or traffic accidents during a transfer, are added to the occupational risks. Nor should we forget the psychosocial risks such as stress or the lack of recognition of an activity so closely linked to death.

Technical Support

Online or telephone support 24/7.

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