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Mortuary and Embalming Services

Mortuary Assist provide professional mortuary and embalming services ensuring at all times, our work is conducted and performed above industry standards:-

FE Full Embalms.

  • TP Temporary Preservation – Viewing Embalms.
  • BP Basic Preparation.
  • TE Topical Embalms Treatment.
  • RE Internationally Recognised – Embalming for Repatriations.
  • DRR Donor Repair & Restoration.
  • ARR Autopsy Repair & Restoration.
  • AP Advanced Preparation for extreme and difficult cases.
  • RA Restorative Art – Complete or Minor.
  • CW Cosmetic work.
  • BIO/S Bio-Seal
  • RS Repatriation Services – National or International.
  • MA Mortuary Assistance – Dressing / Encoffining.
  • MATS Mortuary Assist Technical Support – 24/7
  • Covid-19 – Mortuary Preparation & Embalming Services available on Covid-19 Cases.


Our embalmers are dedicated, experienced and take pride in their work.

We use and recommend Eckels Embalming Products

Embalming and Bio Hazard

How can we help you?

From time to time, your company may be presented with circumstances that requires specialized treatment for infectious or infectious repatriation cases.

Badly decomposed cadavers, trauma cases, frozen and drowned cases, and those to be transported for long distances also require special treatment beyond that of a “Normal” case. At Mortuary Assist, our qualified embalmer/s are able to assess the risk of infection and make formal recommendations to the care that is necessary and for repatriations. 

Each embalming would be carried out to your client needs.  You will receive a pre-embalming estimate for the care needed and the necessary costs. 

On the completion of the work, you will receive a full case report and Certificate of Embalming.


The restoration of a cadaver and the features damaged by accident or disease is commonly called Restorative Art”.  For such cases, the benefits of embalming is startlingly apparent. In contrast though, many people have unreasonable expectations of what a deceased body should look like, due to the unrealistic portrayal of *dead* bodies (usually by live actors) in movies or television shows.  Viewers generally have an unrealistic expectation that a body going through decomposition should look as it did before death.  This is not the case, when decomposition sets in, there is no turning back the hands of time.

When a death occurs, the bereaved family will turn to you for solutions. At Mortuary Assist, we have our team of embalmers experienced in the field of bone and tissue reconstruction along with the application of appropriate cosmetics. 

Each embalming will be carried out to your clients’ needs and you will receive a pre-embalming case estimate on the care needed.   We do carry out our work with high standards, and with a view in mind, to bring the deceased to a degree deemed, presentable appearance, which is acceptable to bring closure to the grieving family and allowing them the opportunity to farewell their loved one. 

Obviously each case is different from one to another, results will vary. We have available to us a network of highly skilled and qualified embalmers in Australia and overseas, whom are very experienced in the field of “Restorative Arts”.  When we are presented with a very difficult case, and the need arises, if need be, we will consult with them on the Pre-Case Analysis of the case, before a final decision and recommendation is made by us to you.

Reconstruction or Restorative Arts, as we have referenced above, is one of the most highly skilled procedures an embalmer can specialise in.  Difficult cases could be, for example:-


  • Severe Oedema, Tissue Gases
  • Soft Tissue Injury
  • Severe Trauma


Due to the nature of these injuries, each case will be evaluated on an individual bases.   A minimum and maximum cost will be quoted, and timescale will be given to better accommodate your client family.


Our main qualified embalmer has successfully completed the Certificate IV in Embalming (SIF40213) and is a M.A.I.E. (Member of Australian Institute of Embalming) & M.B.I.E  (British Institute of Embalmers – Australasian Division & NZEA (New Zealand Embalmers Association).  

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